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Buy BearOps® Linux Products! Buy BearOps® Linux Products

The BearOps® Linux team has four exciting products available for purchase in our secure e-store or for order by telephone or mail. Simply go to the small business seo agency to purchase or order your BearOps® Linux product. We now have version 3 of our BearOps® Linux Desktop OS available. It comes packed with well over 500 software packages, including 2 office suites (Star Office 5.2 and kOffice), 3 web browsers (Netscape 6.2, Mozilla 0.98 and Konqueror), and tons of utilities, tools, games, applications and other useful desktop software.

We are also pleased to make available the BearOps® Linux Firewall for Broadband (cable or ADSL), built on the Version 3 architecture, which allows even new users to set up a firewall using the included quick start utility. Experienced users will be able to set up LAN's, VPN's or DMZ's and specify their own firewall rules. At the same time the 2 CD set gives purchasers the full BearOps® Linux Desktop OS to use as well.

For those needing a reliable enterprise level server, the BearOps® Linux Server Package is now available from our store. Using a Debian build, the Server Package is easy to install, and allows system admins to use the aptget utility to download any preferred or additional packages they may need using the Debian package management system. This product ships with the Gnome desktop and a whole variety of goodies.

Last but not least, our BearOps® Handheld Linx for Linux is available from the store. Hotsync your Palm or Handspring PDA to most Linux desktops, or hotsync your Texas Instruments calculator to your Linux desktop. The Handheld Linx come complete with 100 PalmOS freeware programs.[more...]

Company Information

BearOps® Linux - The easiest way to get Linux on your system.

Whether you are a business or home user, BearOps® Linux Desktop OS v.3 offers unrivalled value, functionality and user-friendly features. BearOps® Linux gives you the easiest automated self installer on the market today and includes a ton of industry recognized application software that can be used and enjoyed by all.

If you are a Windows® user now, BearOps® Linux makes the transition easy with a familiar look and feel. And, because BearOps® Linux Desktop OS v.3 safely co-exists with Windows® FAT32 partitions, you have the flexibility of running dual operating systems. Enjoy all the great Linux software while keeping Windows® and its applications available.

If you are new to computers or upgrading, BearOps® Linux offers easy installation to get you up and running right away, plus lots of useful software that's perfect for a small budget.

And you also get Linux's legendary operational stability.

BearOps® Linux Desktop OS v.3 truly is the safest, easiest way to get Linux on your system.


I would like to send a hole bunch of thanks from Denmark! We have installed your extremely fast, easy to install (the 3 mouse clicks are really true) and easy to use Operating System on 6 computers. You have really made it easy for MS-Windows user to convert to Linux. BearOps is probably the best Desktop distribution for Linux we have ever tried... and believe me... we have tried a lot; Redhat, Mandrake, Slackware, Debian etc..... PERFECT :) We have all we need in BearOps: Office application, development tools, internet tools etc. The only application we need now is a version of Lotus Notes Designer for Linux and we are using your fine BearOps distribution of the Linux OS for good! T.S. Denmark

........"I'm extremely interested in your linux system, It seems to be the easiest and less confusing Linux OS that I've found - R.G. (USA)

........"you have a convert! I installed your OS into my computer with literally three clicks and no technical know-how. My PC is now partitioned with Windows and BearOps® Linux and I have found the Linux based system to be highly reliable, not to mention much cheaper than its mass market counterpart".

........"I'm thoroughly suprised that my Creative Labs Banshee works (it doesn't in Redhat 7.1, Mandrake 8 and Slackware 8) - M.N. Denmark

........"Thanks for the TIP. It worked great. I love the OS interface. - R.S. Canada

........"and I managed to migrate the settings to another Linux distro as well (triple boot). It's nice to have more hard drive space than I can use. - P.F. Finland

........"Anyway, I think BearOps is great! I only have a 350 MHz PC, and BearOps is faster on my PC, than Mandrake and SuSE. - M.N. Denmark

Put BearOps® Linux Desktop OS v.3 on your system now! BearOps® Linux is a registered trade mark of Alta Terra Ventures Corp.
Linux is a registered trade mark of Linus Torvalds.

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Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA T5M 3W1,
Ph.: (780) 408-2515
Fax: (780) 451-3700
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